5 Suggestions To Decor Your Home In 2020

Updating the trend of home decoration is very important. You have built your dream home - the house where you spend many nights thinking about architecture, furniture, or paint. Now that everything is complete, you suddenly find that your dream home is still missing something, very small, but it can also make your house more special. 

Trending Canvas will suggest some home decoration accessories for 2020:

#1. Flower wreath

If you like lightness and love nature, decorating with lovely  wreaths with pastel tones will be a good choice. You leave them on the table, wrap them on the ceiling, hang them on the walls, or line them up: wreaths are really a popular trend for your home this year. Especially the dried flowers!

#2. Candles

Apart from being a romantic element, candles are also a useful decoration material for your home. Research shows that watching the surrounding candles shine, you can also reduce stress!

#3. Black board

Using a blackboard might be a bit strange, but consider it a decoration, where you can draw some funny pictures, or write notes for family members. You can use white chalk, or colored chalk, please note that choosing a dust-free chalk so that the decoration does not affect the health of everyone!

#4. Mirror

In interior design, mirrors make the room space become wider and deeper. Mirrors are mainly used for rooms with small spaces.

Mirrors can make a highlight for your room. The fireplace wall uses a mirror to completely create a spacious space for the room, adding a star-shaped mirror to decorate.

#5. Canvas

Art galleries on the wall are a great way for a room to reflect your personality and interests. Whether you are an animal lover, nature lover, art enthusiast, a happy person or you have lots of secrets - the choice of canvas will show quite a lot about your personality.

People choose artwork to decorate the living room not only to complement the walls of the room, but also to coordinate with the furniture next to it.

You can also choose the image of yourself or your family to decorate on the wall as a way to keep memories.

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So which one would you like to decorate your home with the most? Leave us a comment so we know! Thanks for reading our article.