Spring is a great time for weddings and wedding photography can look its best at this time of year. So how to make the best photos for your special day? Let us give you some recommends to pose photo.


This popular wedding must-have has been trending for quite some time now and is still going strong. First looks photos are priceless, some brides are having photographers capture their father’s first glimpse of them in white as part of the occasion, or as well as their mother or walking out to their bridesmaids if they haven’t seen her with the dress on yet. 


Not quite wedding day photography but more and more prospective grooms-to-be are hiring photographers to document their proposals so that the moment can be captured and relived many times over by the couple, as well as shared with family and friends. This crazy trend is growing quickly in the wedding photography industry and it a great way to relive the moment you go down on one knee and allowing you and your partner to see their reaction while getting some beautiful photos of the moment too.

Credit: @adagionstudio

Credit: @jesselegg

Hashtags and Photo Booths

As social media get more popular each day, so does wedding hashtags and photo booths! Why wait for the next day when you can have your wedding photos printed out in an instant? Photo booths now have a touchscreen and integrated features that allow your guests to upload photos on Instagram with your wedding hashtag, and have them printed out right away. Now that’s a fun and interactive way to get memorable photos for your wedding album.


In this ever-evolving technological age, it was only a matter of time before selfie shots took off. Let’s face it–selfies are a big part of today’s vernacular and Internet-based society. As such, social-media-savvy couples are setting up “selfie stations” for their friends and family, along with a lovely backdrop, to shoot themselves having a great time at the wedding. You can leave an instant camera with an extra pack of film in your selfie station, or you can set up a tablet or iPad with a photo-sharing app that allows your guests to upload their selfies on your online wedding album.

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So what’s the better way to capture your memories of the special day? Leave your comment to let us know!